It’s all about the CHILDREN!!!

Our after school programs are a great service for parents who work well past the hours their children get out of school for the day. Parents can be rest assured that their children are in a SAFE  and FUN environment that helps develop imagination and creativity.

kids paint hands hands

If ever there was a way to enhance and stimulate your child’s creativity and artistic development it would be to have your child attend our After School Programs…here at Art-Vark Palette. By spending an hour or more…ONE DAY a week, SEVERAL DAYS a week or an ENTIRE week after school at the art studio…your child will learn and create an array of art projects. One week your child may learn watercolor styles from the great Renaissance artists. The next week they may create their own sculpture while learning different sculpting techniques. Another week your child may create a paper-mache animal or fashion a snow globe. It is uncertain what their imagination may dream up as the possibilities are endless!!! What is certain is that each child will learn something new and create new masterpieces  each week and it won’t be long until you realize you have a budding lil’ Picasso, Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci on your hands.

*Children are grouped by age and instructed accordingly during these classes & Curriculum Art Activities.**All class prices include instruction & the cost of materials to create their masterpieces. Any Canvas paintings created by your child can be framed upon request at an additional charge.

CLASSES BEGIN EVERY YEAR IN SEPTEMBER and will run through MAY…call the studio to reserve your child’s spot!!! 


*Missed classes MUST BE MADE UP!   **ADDITIONAL FEES MAY BE CHARGED for any extra supplies/materials  used by students that are not included in class projects.







1 HOUR CLASS $65.00/MONTH or 2 HOUR CLASS $105.00/MONTH (children will attend 1 hour or 2 hour classes one day a week for an entire month and will learn about an different artist each month, creating masterpieces using the mediums and style of our featured artist.) A Artist Fact Booklet  on our featured Artist of the month is included in the cost of the class and is the students to keep at the end of each month! NOTE: # 0f class weeks Per month will  vary depending on the Month/class day attending (4-5 weeks)

 (You select the day of the week  & time for monthly classes- MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY or FRIDAY)


You may CALL THE STUDIO FOR CURRENT CLASS SCHEDULES…If there are no current classes that fit your busy schedule…NO PROBLEM…create a new class day and time of your own to suit your needs.



1 HOUR CLASS $60.00/MONTH or 2 HOUR CLASS $100.00/MONTH (children will attend 1 hour or 2 hour classes one day a week for an entire month and will learn Basic art skills such as color mixing, drawing, shading, perspective and more. Student will get the opportunity to work with an array of different mediums and will create masterpieces  of their own. NOTE: # 0f class weeks Per month will  vary depending on the Month/class day attending (4-5 weeks)











COST: $20.00-1st hour…$5.00 for each additional hour Children may attend class anytime after school up until 6PM and will create various arts and crafts using an array of selected materials and mediums! ART HISTORY instruction not included!)

LOYALTY RATE: Attend AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES 3 or more days a week! COST:$20.00/DAY (2 hours/day) OR $25.00 (3 hours/day)

CALL THE STUDIO @ 843-642-0200 for more details/questions or to enroll!!!