ART-VARK  has a handful of…

….and we would be delighted to have your child enrolled in any one of our ART CLASSES! We offer AFTER SCHOOL & HOME SCHOOL ART HISTORY CLASSES or BASIC ART CLASSES and even PRIVATE ART CLASSES!!!

Art is a vast subject, including all kinds of painting, drawings and sculptures!!!

There are many famous artists throughout out…..and we will explore the choices and attitudes of many famous artists. We will create  masterpieces like Monet, Klee, Pollock, Picasso, Hokusai and so many more in our ART HISTORY…After School or  Homeschool classes

These classes will  introduce your children to some of the world’s most famous artists. Each month we will learn about a different artist…where and when they lived and what ideas they tried to put across in their paintings. Then, inspired by the artist of the month children will use the artist’s techniques on various art projects using an array of mediums and techniques to create masterpieces of their very own. This class includes an artist facts booklet on the featured artist of the month which your child is welcome to keep at the end each month!..Art, Art History and FUN all rolled into one class! 


For children who just want to learn different techniques, work with an array of mediums and like crafting too…

 Our BASIC……may be of interest!!!

Children will learn color mixing, drawing, painting, techniques and more!!! We will be working with an array of mediums to create some amazing arts & crafts!

And for those who need a little one on one mentoring…ART-VARK also offers private ART CLASSES as well.

Upon enrolling in any of our art classes…children may join a already established class or select a new time to suit their busy schedules.

ALL CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE IN 1 HOUR SESSIONS OR 2 HOURS SESSIONS…See each individual class page for more detailed information and pricing!!!

*Bring a group of children and form a class of your own and ask about our group rates!!!

*NOTE…( there will be some exceptions given to certain situtations)

*All missed  classes must me made up in the same month that tuition was paid for.

*All NO CALL NO SHOW classes missed will result in the loss of class time and these classes may not be made up.