Want to celebrate your child’s birthday with an different Art twist other than choosing our group Spaltter party?

Then one of our ARTFUL ANTICS PARTY PACKAGES would be the perfect choice for you and the birthday child!!!

Each of these party packages include one project for the party guests to create and take home with them on the same day.

All party packages are for 2 full hours…First we get into some ARTFUL ANTICS, as we unleash the creativity in our party guests and let their imaginations soar as they each splatter canvas boards, paint a canvas, create with clay or craft.  Then when the creating is finished and while the masterpieces are drying…we clear off the tables for the refreshments, cake and presents.

Select one of the party packages below…there is a project here for every artist to share with their friends while celebrating their special occasion.

COST: Up to 10 guests=$12.00/guest…11 and up guests=$11.00/guest


Guests creates on 8″x10″ canvas boards. We turn the party guests loose in our splatter room as they drip, splash, and SPLAT paint to create their very own Jackson Pollock style SPLATTERIFIC masterpieces. 


The guest of honor selects their favorite topic, (animals, sports, movie characters,  hand/foot prints and more…) and all party guests will get guided instruction on creating their very own 8″ X10″ canvas board painting. It may simply be…painting a picture with brushes or it may include getting our hands or feet all smeary in wet paint as we create some really cool animals and objects out of hand or foot prints. PICTURE THIS…The possibilities are endless and no two masterpieces will be alike as each artist unleashes their imagination &creativity!!!


Each party guest will trek to destinations unknown as they create their own adventure on canvas as they squish, smash, roll and mold Sculpey clay figures. Then while their creations are baking, guests will also get to paint a background scenery on 5″X7″ canvas boards. Clay creations will be glued to the canvas boards to create awesome CLAY AND CANVAS ADVENTURE scenes.

Upgrade to larger canvases on any party package for an addition charge/guest…Our GUEST OF HONOR  UPGRADES to the next size canvas FREE!

8″x10″ canvas boards=$2.00/per guest…8″X10″ stretched canvas=$3.00/guest… 11″X14″ stretched canvases=$4.00/guest…16″x20″ stretched canvas=$5.00/guest

And for or the birthday child who likes crafts…ART-VARK has CRAFT PARTY PACKAGES available as well…

COST: Up to 10 guests=$12.00/guest…11 and up guests=$11.00/guest


Each guest will swish, smash , roll and mold sea creatures and objects  to place in their OCEAN IN A JAR. Sand, sea shells , jewels water, etc….will be added to create awesome under the sea OCEANS IN A JAR!!!

Upgrade to include a clay creation on top of the jar lid as well for an additional $7.00/guest


Each guest will create an amazing creature selected by the birthday child using a small Terra Cotta pot. Bee hives, crabs, owls and more these lil’ creatures are adorable!!!

Your party is sure to be BUZZIN’ with fun,  CRAWLIN’ with excitement, and a real WHOO..WHOOT!

Upgrade to include a second Terra cotta creation for each guest for just $3.00/guest more