Kids delight in a day off from school or a whole week off for those AWESOME seasonal breaks! Art-Vark has set camp days that follow the Charleston School District calendar so… but… Image result for what if?WHAT IF…you live in Summerville, Goose Creek, or elsewhere outside of the Charleston School District?


WHAT IF…Your child is Home Schooled?

WHAT IF…Your child is too young to attend school and you need a break?

WHAT IF…It’s Saturday and you need to work or run errands and you have no one to watch the children?

There are so many WHAT IFS?…But, THERE’S NO NEED TO WORRY!!!

At Art-Vark you can–


Children can NOW EXPERIENCE the power of art and ART CAMP…any time throughout the year with our- CREATE YOUR OWN CAMP DAY!

Canvas paintings, drawing, sculpey clay, crafts and more!!!

Create your own camp days for your child any day Monday-Saturday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 6PM. (During any NON-SCHEDULED CAMP HOURS)

You get your much needed break while the children are UNLEASHING CREATIVITY and IMAGINATIONS while creating various ARTS & CRAFTS that will be treasured for years to come. Remember to send along snacks and drinks for the children to enjoy while they are creating and to  pack them a lunch if they will be attending a full day!

*AGES 2 (must be potty trained)-13 YEARS OF AGE



SINGLE ½ DAY=$35/child (any 3 hrs)….ADD $10 for each additional hour

SINGLE FULL DAY=$55/child (any 7 hours…includes a 1 hour lunch period)…Add $5.00/hour for any additional hours over 7


½ DAY WEEKLY RATE (3 hours/day)…YOU PAY $150.00

FULL DAY WEEKLY RATE (7 hours/day)…YOU PAY $225.00


Simply call the studio at (843) 642-0200 to create a CAMP DAY for a few hours, for a 1/2 day (3 hours), for a full day(7 hours-includes a 1 hour lunch break) or MORE!!!