At ART-VARK PALETTE we are delighted to help you capture your child’s growth in time-INFANTS, TODDLERS, PRESCHOOLERS…

hand-printsbaby-feet Children are a “BLESSING FROM GOD” and they grow up way too fast!!!

Come and create Vibrant And Remarkable Keepsakes on canvas using your child’s precious hand and foot prints.

These master pieces takes just minutes to create…but you will treasure them for a life time!!!



These cute masterpieces will be cherished for years to come, long after the children have grown up. From newborns, infants, toddlers and up…there are many precious objects and animals that can be created by using your child’s precious hands and foot prints. MOMMY and DADDY can use their prints as well to preserve those “MOMMY and ME” or “DADDY & ME” precious moments in time! Preserve the moments while they are still little because…THEY WILL BE “ALL GROWN UP”  BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!!



*MANY HANDPRINT & FOOT PRINT DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM*foothand-prints-our-little-monsters

8″ X 10 ” canvas…$20.00…Other sizes  and styles to choose from…starting at $25.00 & UP

Larger custom sizes also available upon request

OTHER OPTIONS: Sculpey clay hand print or foot print ornaments, in wood frames, on canvas, etc…$25.00 & UP

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories…Memories grow more meaningful with each passing year. More precious and more beautiful, more treasured and dear!!!